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Kitchener is city of Canada in Ontario province in the regional municipality of Waterloo,the city has total area 136.86 square Kilometers with population 233,222 according to census of 2016.Kitchener has a balancing real estate market most over the time, Kitchener city has history of low inventory and rising prices, Kitchener had a really hot real estate market in. Kitchener is three bedrooms homes within a good neighborhood. In start of 2019 average number of days increase for a short time period which mean there was a little bit slow down in real estate market of Kitchener.

A house took normally 43 days for sold out in 2017 but in Kitchener an average home take just 19 days for sale, it means this city has a fast market place which demands to its buyers to take buying decisions in short time so that they can enjoy a good home at suitable price and suitable locations. Kitchener is near to the waterloo which is today attraction of not only Canadian people but also foreign peoples this attraction is cause of supply and demand gap of houses in Kitchener. At the end of December 2018 there was 600 properties was available for sale in Kitchener. Following chart explain residential sale trend in Kitchener

Average price of houses in Kitchener

Residential Real Estate Listings show 335 houses for sale in Kitchener, A total of  84Kitchener townhousesand about 50 condominiums for sale inKitchener, detached houses also included in 2017, 105condos sold out 23 semi-detached homes were sold out and 36 freehold townhouses sold out.In February 2018, Theaverage residential sale price was $490,688, detached homeaverage price of $319536 with an increase of 20.5%.Residential activities in February 2019 is consist of 785 which is 9% more than 2018, following chart explains previous 10 years average prices of houses.

In Kitchener prices are seems to be rising rapidly as number of house for selling decreases, average prices of houses in 2017 explained that people are interested to buy home in Kitchener because they know very well that in future this city will be much valuable and expensive. In 2017 average process of all kind homes was $ 467,513 which 20.7% increased in 2018, average sale prices of all detached homes was $ 549,046 which increased by 21.5% in 2018, average price of home in Kitchener always hit high again in April 2019 with high prices real estate market came out of seasonal slumber.

Average prices of residential properties rose by 10.9% year by year to $529,800; in April 2019 average prices of each kind residential property like apartment and condos also increased by 14.3% as $339,426. Average prices of Kitchener townhousesrose by 5 % at $405, 013, in April 2019 total 623 houses was sold and average sale price of houses increased by 2.2%. Sale of townhouses was drop in April 2019 only 113 townhouses sold out, inventory level remain low and 884 total hoses was available for sale in April.

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